Love on every corner

When I travel to new places my favourite part is to observe local life.  To appreciate what day to day life is.  To stop at the market and see the seasonal fruit and vegetables.  To see the street food stalls with the clusters of smiling faces.  To see the children playing in streets. The local arts and crafts.  Marvel at the landscape and appreciate the sounds that surround.

"Iluvia lluvia" the children jump up and down in excitement in the yard

White pumps lined up outside the classroom

Chorus of laughter coming from the backstreet dance studio

Children selling their toys at the front of their house

Abuelas doing their embrodiary at Chichen Itza

Dad with daughter walking barefooted in supermarket

Little girl on her porch in frilly red dress, wide smile

Lady of Guadalupe with neon aura.

Looking into local houses, nativity scene and shrines in all. Gently swinging hammocks. Family all together at the dinner table.  Madre pours coca cola into blue tumblers.  Tables laid with bright colours, stitching and flowers.

Made with love, a country living in LOVE.

Julia Tobin