Go Gently in Amongst This Turmoil: A Love Letter From God


This passage is a love note from my heart to yours which hopes to greet you with a feeling of connectedness. In amongst the turmoil, the amplified energy and the quickening erosion of anything that does not serve the plan of the Great Mystery, I hope this soothes your spirit and draws you close. I hope the whispers of remembrace linger in your ears and transmute to your beating heart. The heart that beats without question, without invitation, unconditionally - would you recognise this as the presence of God itself? That guides you through this earthly existence until one day it stops and you become reunited again, once more.

Would you recognise this encased jewel for the truth of what it is? An imprint, a stamp of our holy creation. A gift we were all given, God’s hallmark upon the human race. The human race, but in a rush we are not to understand the meaning of this expression despite it’s urgency. It is indeed a pressing matter to realise that there is no seperation between you and I, we co-exist as brothers and sisters upon this sacred path. What a gift to kiss each step with our gratitude, and reverence for this tangible miracle. But it is the intangible that brings us here, to this point of waking from amnesia. It is the trust in the unseen that grapples at our seams, nudging us for attention, welcoming us to edge a little more closely, dig a little bit deeper. Surrender all earthly rhyme and reason for why we thirst, holding empty cups. The Great Mystery is always ready to fill our cup until it runneth over, when we love ourselves enough to stop, listen and surrender to the sound of silence. When we take the reigns of the wild and wandering mind and pass them to God, stillness begins to settle. Yes, the untamed beast will rear up and rebel but God’s hand has a way with the seemingly feral. One touch and silent whisper each morning and night welcomes a refreshed way of being. We see the wood for the trees, and finally our heart begins to feel free. Light, delicate, throbbing anew.

This fabled state isn’t merely for a lucky few, God designed this experience for both me and you. To know what it means to arrive home to the delight of our own soul.