Exploration of The Divine Masculine With Holistic High Performance Coach Kurt Tropiano

Kurt Tropiano @ http://www.kurttropiano.com

Kurt Tropiano @ http://www.kurttropiano.com

Thank you so much for being open to sharing with the Glow platform Kurt! Firstly, when do you glow brightest and could you share a little about your journey to finding your GLOW? 

 Hi Jules, a privilege to be able to share and thank you for allowing me to do so. For me it is when I am balanced and connected to my King energy. To me that looks like me standing in my King energy in all aspects of life. Whether that be at work, when I play sport, in my interactions, relationships etc. When I do so I embody me in what ever is placed in my path but not only that it allows me to be balanced. I've done a lot of work to reach this point and in doing so have embraced my passion to train athletes in a way that encompasses the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of high performance, not just the physical. 

 From your perspective what are the main challenges for the rising divine masculine in our present society? 

 From my experience I would say that one of the problems for men is to be able to hold the change/growth of the divine masculine without attachment or ego to the outcome and influence of those around them. It is so important not to force change but rather embody and owning it and allowing that energy to do the heavy lifting rather than thinking we have to make it happen. If that makes sense. 


What would you like to see more of in our beautiful planet? 

 Individuals taking the time to learn about themselves and choose to honour who they are.


How do you see the divine masculine and divine feminine energies merging most successfully? Could you also share a little about how you embrace your feminine energy to create internal divine union. 

 I have been really lucky. I was raised by wonderful parents, my mum who taught me to honour the divine feminine growing up and my dad who embodied a balanced male. He showed me what it meant to be a balanced man. This was really powerful for me because I had two wonderful role models who both honoured the masculine and feminine within themselves and each other which allowed it to be easier for me to do the same. For the masculine and feminine to merge successfully I think it takes everyone as individuals to own their own wounds and make the choice to heal them within themselves. When that is done the world can change.


What sigma’s and stereotypes would you like to erase from societies general view of gender roles as we move into this new paradigm? 

 That you are weak if you cry as a man. That one really annoys me as it is still stuck in to old masculine way and I think that it is ridiculous 


What does self-care look like for you? 

 Taking the time to honour how I am feeling in that moment. Along with priming myself every morning with breathwork, Kundalini and meditation it is to recognise what I need. That looks like knowing when I need an early night, journaling, reading and being by myself because I need to recharge or when I need to be around people etc. That has been huge for me understanding what I feel I need


How did you cultivate such a strong and positive outlook and could you share a little about what brought you to becoming a coach? 

 I became a coach because I wanted to help others get the absolute best out of themselves in all facets of life. Especially in sport, where I want to be for others because of the guidance I didn't receive when I was young. Cultivating a strong positive outlook has taken years of work but it simply comes down to how you choose to perceive the present moment. It is a choice to shift your emotions and choose your thoughts and I just decided to choose more and more that I wanted them to be positive and suddenly it would build momentum and get easier and easier.

What is your favourite quote/ piece of advice? Could you also share a little regarding your daily spiritual practice, how you have cultivated bliss and balance in your life. 

Embody who you came here to be. Because that is what changes the world. "Creation starts and ends through the heart" Joe Dispenza. My spiritual practice involves working with a mentor who I have been blessed to have in my life for 9 years now. It involves daily focus on my energy, building it in the morning and observing and holding it through the day through encounters and circumstances. It involves continue to understand myself more, to connect with others around me. My morning involves waking up, focusing on my vision, meditating / building my energy, a Kundalini abundance Kriya and Breathwork. 

And lastly, If you could be an animal what would you be and why? 

 Wolf - Because of their strength, leadership and family energy.

To learn more about Kurt’s work and to enjoy free meditations head over to his website www.kurttropiano.com

Find him on IG here: @kurttropiano

We thank Kurt for sharing his GLOW with us and stepping forward with his divine masculine perspective. If you have a piece you would like to share please reach out. Stories from the heart help to heal the planet. x

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