The Deeply Exquisite Gift Of What It Means To Surrender

Surrender. It feels unsettling, it feels uncomfortable, it makes us want to cling and grasp tighter than ever before in the wake of its open invitation. It invites us in great lavish pursuit, to hold and mould us into a certain way of being. Leaping out into the unknown is unfamiliar and ungrounded, it’s hard to find our footing. How do we know we won’t fall into an imaginary pot hole or trip or slip along the way, but what would that matter once we’d come to know that every obstacle is divine and every seed that we sow pushes us to grow.

God likes to give out intangible golden nuggets in reward to those who surrender, to those who place their full trust and faith in her. He likes to choose perfectly orchestrated situations for us to shine most brightly once we realise that surrender is a game to play with a lightness of heart. She likes to be playful with us in the way a tigress is with her young cub. He likes to remind us that the ego thrives in the dark dwelling of sombreness, blocking out the light, witnessing only the chains of our own suffering. What’s on the other side of surrender is a total surprise and here’s where we get to pause and ponder whether surprises are our thing. Not just the joyful parties and celebrations but the nasty surprises, the unpleasant corners of our cave that we’ve not wanted to look at. Yes indeed these surprises are golden too in their illuminating truth. Each moment for surrender peels back another layer of disconnection to the divine. Our heart jubilates each time we step into the unknown, yes it may quicken with fear to begin with but eventually it rests in peace.

This eclipse season serves up a lavish banquet of surrender to feast upon. In amongst the process of letting go, shedding and purging we will feel empty, lost, desperate to reach out to be filled. May we be aware of this mechanism which attempts to keep us safe. May we be aware of trying to get our needs met by another. Surrender isn’t about us letting go and then taking, its about allowing, softening, accountability, self-reliance, self-sufficiency and emotional independence. Yes, we all need some comfort in times of turmoil and confusion, instead may we bring our woes to the feet of the Great Mystery, the one who really knows what it is that we need.