Why Our Sensitivity is a Precious Gift to the World by Naomi Karsudjono

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Being sensitive means you are here.

It means you are here through the sorrows, struggles, and all of the broken pieces.

It means you are here when it's bright and sunny, and you can't help but to fall in love.

It means you are here when it's just you, your heart, and all of your feelings... having a dialog, reliving the moments, savouring the memories. 

It means you are truly present. Grateful for the gift of today and hopeful for what tomorrow will unfold.

And even if someday you are frightened to face the world, not knowing what would happen... you are brave to be vulnerable, knowing well that from mistakes you will learn and with each climb you will gain strength. You are brave, for the world is with you and you are one with the world.


When I remember

Each snowflake birth a pattern that has never been born before,

Gracing the sky as it falls down gently to the ground,

They remind me each and everyone of us was beautiful made.


When I remember

Rocks could tell stories of thousands years old in silence,

Rivers nurture life through it streams and never look back,

They give me power to believe, each and everyone of us has a purpose, has a role.


When I remember 

How far a tiny dandelion seed stays afloat,

Carried by the wind till it finds just the place to fall and grow,

They give me hope.


When I remember

We live in a world full of wonders,

Being sensitive doesn't feel as a weakness.

It's a super power.


 This beautiful piece was written by Naomi Karsudjono a spiritual being having a human experience. She light up the world with her unique GLOW and we are so grateful to you for sharing with us what it means to be sensitive.

Facts about Naomi

It delights my heart to be a writer and speaker on self love & self development

(earlier in my youth) delegated to serve in governmental expeditions on rural villages and remote islands of wonderful Indonesia.

From time to time I shave my hair for self liberation.

Enjoy spending time with family

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