Exploring What It Means To Be Embodied: An Interview With Holistic Health + Wellness Coach Tara Jackson

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Glow was so excited to catchup with holistic health + wellness coach Tara Jackson about her new book ‘Embodied’, a self-care guide for sensitive souls. Following the death of her mother at a young age, Tara went through years of self-harming - eating disorders and addictions to drinking, TV, food and more, lots of self-loathing, being broke and in debt, and spiralling in and out of depression. She always put on a brave face and tried to get through it. A few years ago something inside her clicked - she was sick and tired of being this way and doubly motivated by external events she HAD to change her life. So she did! Tara found new tools and ways to help her learn to love herself as a highly sensitive empath. She committed to herself everyday, and life just keeps on getting better. ‘Embodied’ is an honest, vulnerable and deeply personal account of Tara’s journey and what she went through. Then there is a comprehensive guide with practical self-care tips, actions and inspiration as well as real life examples of how she used these things to help her heal.

Thank you SO much for chatting with GLOW Tara! Your gifts are radiating so brightly, highlighted by the release of your beautiful new book 'Embodied'. Could you share with us a little about the book and how you hope it will serve its readers?

Thank YOU so much, it's such a pleasure! It's such an honour to be able to share this book. It is the culmination of a long journey of trial and error, of looking and searching within, finding answers and healing. I have written this book to share my self-care journey as a highly sensitive empath... it is split into two parts. First is my story: the journey of my life so far, how I lost my way, went through years of self-abuse and addictions, anything to escape myself and my reality, living a life that I felt wasn't going anywhere. I share it in the possibility that it may inspire others. Perhaps something in there will make you realise there is hope and that actually, turning things around may not be that far away from what you imagine. In the second part there is a guide with 52 self-care actions/inspirations/stories, that I have personally used (and still use today). They include a mix of external actions – ones I used more at the beginning of my journey as I needed something more outward 'to do', as well as things to help you look inside. I share these merely as suggestions. Self-care is an ongoing journey, there really is no end point, as it took me years to learn. I commit daily to myself and my self-care and my hope is that this book will inspire others to do the same. 

Has writing a book been a long held dream for you and could you share with us a little about the creative process, overcoming blocks and how it feels to have your creation out in the world?

Absolutely! I've wanted to write a book for as long as I can remember. I even have some 'books' I wrote as a child and in my teens and twenties. This is the first I've ever gone on to publish though ;-). It definitely took me out of my comfort zone - just writing this book, as I had to go back and re-live a lot of the experiences in my life so that I could write about them. Then the thought of even publishing it and sharing my story was a big block for a while. I didn't think about that though, I very much took it step by step. I think it's really easy to get overwhelmed by the whole process and end result and then just stop. before you even begin. What worked for me was writing when it felt good, even sometimes walking in nature and speaking out the words, which I then transcribed. I really allowed it to flow in the beginning and be whatever it was rather than what I know many authors do - which is sitting down to write every day. I also didn't put any pressure on myself in terms of an outcome. I knew I had to write the book and that was it. If I decided to share it later, I would. I have to credit the mastermind I joined - The Unbound writing mastermind - which really supported this. It's quite exciting and a little scary having it out there now. Exciting as I did something I've always wanted to. Scary as I'm sharing some things that make me feel quite vulnerable!

How did you overcome any resistance to vulnerability to step forward and lead the way to establish such great authenticity?

Ahh thank you so much. Gosh, throughout I wondered if I was being too vulnerable. I definitely went through phases, writing a bit, then feeling the feelings of intense vulnerability. Giving some time and space and allowing them to pass through me. Then going back and realising I wanted to be even more vulnerable and re-writing them. I think as you get used to the vulnerability it gets easier and then you can go a little deeper. Baby steps though. Also there was something inside telling me to keep doing this. That sharing so vulnerably is what I am here to do. I kept on trusting that, which helped a lot.

How did you unlock your GLOW and how do you maintain it?

I started to really care about and look after myself, at first with small changes and pretending I was someone I cared about. Eventually I began to do it for me and when I did, things started to really shift. It's a constant coming back into myself, daily commitment and practices - acknowledging that some days will be easier than others, and that's okay!

Could you share with us some of your self-care tips and your daily glow-connecting practices?

These change for me all the time and seasonally (in-line with my internal seasons and the external seasons). I find that this keeps it more interesting for me and I don't feel like it's something on my 'to-do' list, which makes me not want to do it. A few things that I tend to more often though are being in nature as often as possible. Also connecting with my intuition, whether that's through movement, meditation, lying on the ground and breathing, free-writing, or doing something creative like cooking or drawing. This always grounds me and brings me back into my being in the present.

GLOW loves how you shine so brightly in this world Tara and light the way for others! Could you expand a little on your mission to be of service to Highly Sensitives?

Ah that's too kind. I'm just grateful to be able to support highly sensitive people in any way. Being one myself and struggling as the world doesn't honour this way of being always seemed off to me. I want to encourage and help highly sensitive people to start honouring their sensitivities as strengths. There's so much beauty, healing and creativity (plus more) in sensitivity. I want to help them thrive in today's world and embody their gifts, so they love themselves and don't have to struggle and feel overwhelmed and like they don't fit. In the long run I'd also love to help the system change to support sensitives more in general. 

Share with us 3 things that bring you JOY!

Space - in nature, in my calendar, everywhere. Drawing - when I'm in flow and just creating for me. Meaningful connections - with my soul family.

If you could have satsang with any 5 people past or present who would they be any why?

Ah that's hard. This is who is coming up today: Gandhi because he embodies peace. Robin Williams because he was pure genius. Einstein because I have always been fascinated by quantum physics. Freddie Mercury because I LOVE Queen. Oprah - who wouldn't?! ;-) 

A quote, piece of poetry, mantra or prayer that always brings you back home

"You cannot heal the world until you heal yourself."

A nugget of wisdom you would give to your little self

It's all perfect. You are perfect. It will all be perfect. Stop trying so hard to change and fight everything.

How you see The Age Of Aquarius continuing to unfold?

More and more people awakening and realising there is a bigger picture and we are all connected. We can't keep on in this 'me' versus 'we' paradigm. More people working together, co-creating, collaborating, sharing, supporting one another as we unite together with a shared mission and vision for the beauty of this existence.

Tara Jackson is a spiritual being having a human experience. You can find out more about her beautiful heart centred and nourishing offerings on her website www.tarajackson.co.uk and purchase her new book “Embodied” here. Join Tara’s free online community “Self-Care For Empaths”

You can also follow Tara on Instagram for wellness + wisdom