She is Rising but Are We Waking up With Her? By Emma Love

With our crystals and woods ripped from Her womb. Consuming spiritual ideas and sacred objects in our disposable society, and profiting from pedalling them out on mass. The hard sell of neo-spirituality which pushes materialism over matter, as though things outside of ourselves can plaster over the wounds of the damage we are perpetuating, even directly causing against Her, in the name of Her! How many menstrual cups do we need? How many shamanic relics? How many yoga pants or crystal filled water bottles, cute quoted journals or activated jewellery before we see Her?

In these busy modern times, it’s easy to get lost, and we can learn from these times too where we can’t see the palo santo from the forest that are being cleared so we can clear our energy. It’s easy to not see that our consumerism on every level is destroying Her right? Because we have own on “work” to do. We can justify our flights and carbon footprints through the prayers and songs we share in sacred communities as She gasps and chokes upon Her ever thinning, polluted winds of breath and turn a blind third eye to the fact that she weighted down and turning toxic from the waste rotting upon the body of Her… that she is dying as we drill into Her depths and deplete her for oils and waters that cannot be replaced as quickly as they are being taken.

Let us not think of that as we carefully construct and maintain of an ideal of an image of what one woken by Her looks like, as though She was not every maiden, mother, and crone of every shape, size and preference. Clinging to our youthfulness instead of embracing Her ever changing seasons and cycles that move through us and as us. Decorated in feathers and bindis, with flowing dresses matched with equally flowing locks, and offering herbs, plants, tea, cacao that come from Her - that She gifted to cultures and customs that are not our own, but that we had the fortune of benefitting from ourselves, for our own healing. 

Why are we not able to rest in Her holding of us? In gratitude for remembering our own aliveness and instead rush out as the “healed” turned “healer”, the neo-shaman, the activated, the downloaded, the code keeper, the leader, the teacher, laying down tobacco in gratitude claiming we’ve been to the shadows, done the work and now work for the light. Ego inflated insolence, promising that you can heal or activate others to find Her through your incredulously priced sessions and trainings.

There’s something very wrong.

“I don’t want your tobacco, I want your blood”. She whispers on winds of fire that boil from the core of her.

For you see, She is the shadow. She is the root of the root, and the source of the pulse that aches and throbs through all of Life, burning up everything that is not pure Love. And she will haunt you. Conscious leader, She is the reason you feel lacking, anxious, insecure and unfulfilled as your bypassing to “the light” only reflects the cracks that widen, that deepen if you commodify and appropriate Her. 

Let us not allow the masculine inside of us to use Her in this way. Let us not create patriarchal hierarchies of Her, or perpetuate ideas of spiritual perfectionism, profiting from creating a sense of lacking in others. Could you fathom that perhaps our personal remembrance was always meant to be just that, personal. Intimate. Our own secret and sacred river that comes from and runs back to the great oceans of Her. 

Aren’t we learning She is the mystery? Isn’t true empowerment remembering the feminine that exquisitely and uniquely moves YOU? So find your own ways of feeling Her, of honouring Her. Remember the old ways that come from your soul, not from outside of yourself. Lay yourself yourself down upon Her, in your humility, tenderness, vulnerability, in full surrender and then in Her name we come together as a collective of every experience and flavour of Her and share our stories to remind others of their own, until every single Woman remembers Her own unique expression of Her own sovereignty and divinity.

Never forget that your path back home to Her is your own. Keep her Sacred and instead be a friend, be a true “sister”, stepping into the river together on this hot mess of a path called life. Not one who holds authority, who’s work is done, not one who holds any special but one who is utterly inservice to Her. Continue to remember it is She who heals and holds you, us, Life, not the other way around.

Jai Ma.

Image: By Dikaseva, Jakarta based Photographer.

Image: By Dikaseva, Jakarta based Photographer.

About Emma

Irish nomad, Celtic Yogini and Soul Guide, Emma Lowe facilitates earthy Yoga and Yoga Nidra practices which merge yoga and nature based wisdom. She has been Communications and Creative Director and facilitator with the School of Sacred Arts and Somah Journeys since 2018 and leads yoga and soul retreats in South East Asia.

With a background in creative and performing arts, Emma engages music, folklore and story telling for the purpose of personal and cultural healing in her offerings. She is also a poetic writer, photographer and painter.

Emma sees yoga and tantra as a vehicle for personal and social change and is passionate about practices that support women’s health, empowerment and sexual reclamation including her popular Yoni Nidras.

Emma’s time spent working with the native plant medicines of the Amazon basin, as well as receiving medicine songs and red road teachings during her time in South America, inspired her to study and share her own ancestral roots through Celtic spirituality and the Celtic Medicine wheel teachings.

Emma’s deep wisdom and knowledge of the old ways, guides you to trust your own somatic intelligence and follow your own heart’s song to realise the innate gifts you have to offer the world.

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