The Revival of Rituals in Our Everyday Existence


The very word ‘ritual’ brings with it a feeling of calm and replenishment. A nectar to a thirsting soul, a fragment of respite amongst the daily doings.

It seems that the cellular remembrance of what it means to practice rituals is being awakened now on a mass scale. Our spirits long to be soothed by the intangible sacredness of ceremony and the unfathomable great mystery of our existence on earth.  When we practice rituals with intention we surrender all control, the mind is not needed in this sacred container that seeks to replenish our soul.

When we connect with an energy far greater than ourselves we are reminded of our interconnectedness and humbled in the knowledge that we are supported by a far greater presence. We are reminded in moments of stillness and devotion that we are deeply loved and a vital part of the great plan for humanity. We are reminded that we have a very specific part to play and that we incarnated at this time for a very specific and unique purpose.

In attempting to control our lives we instead go further and further off course, deviating from the soul plan that we incarnated with. Rituals allow us to breathe into this truth and come back to a place of deep reverence and remembrance.

Ritual has its roots in ceremony and it is powerful to connect as a group to honour a shared intention. However rituals don’t have to be synonymous with grandeur and occasion. Rituals practiced daily can be simple, mindful acts of devotion to yourself and to the great mystery. Your morning self-care routine is a ritual, how you savour your cup of herbal tea.

I believe that anything created with beauty, mindfulness, love and intention is ritualistic. Life is a ritual that we get to celebrate in our own unique and meaningful way.