A Jargon-Free Introductory Guide to Astrology


Somewhere along the path it’s likely that you’ve come to learn snippets about astrology but perhaps haven’t yet formed a true understanding of this immensely vast system.

We are all beginners here, approaching each moment with an empty mind and a willingness to learn. In creating this article I too am able to sit down and get to grips with the basics of astrology. So here it goes!

“Who am I? Why am I here? How can I unveil and fulfil my potential here on planet earth?” Most of us will ask these questions at some point in life and there is a system that can be studied to guide us towards clarity and understanding along the spiral path.

Astrology is the study of constellations and planets, and how these have an effect on our lives. Each persons unique birth chart, or natal chart as it is also named, is a map of the heavens at the moment of birth and is a blueprint of your personality. This chart contains information relating to all of the complex and diverse factors that make up the person that you are, with your own particular perception of yourself and the world around you. It reveals gifts and strengths that you can develop and the psychological challenges or weaknesses that you work on in order to thrive in this lifetime in the most empowered and constructive way possible.

No two birth charts are ever exactly the same - even twins have slightly differing birth charts due to a difference in the time of birth. The Ascendant (rising sign as it is known) is the astrological sign that is found on the Eastern Horizon at the time of birth. This changes every two hours, so even a few minutes’ time difference will chang the degree of the Ascendant and therefore subtly alter the structure of the unique birth chart. This is why when receiving a birth chart reading it is vital to know your exact time of birth for an accuracy.

The basis for your unique astrological chart is your time, dat and place of birth. Your birth chart can reveal a vast amount of information about your personality, traits and attributes. It can assist in helping to understand the self more fully and can illuminate your potential gifts, obstacles and attitudes towards different areas of life such as relationships, finances, health and career. It is up to each individual how or whether they develop the potential revealed in a personalised birth chart reading, but using the information can enable a greater understanding of the self and act upon intuitive guidance to develop a particular skill or creative attribute. Astrology allows us to surrender the ego and reminds us that we all arrived in this world with a very specific and unique plan. Although astrology is often viewed as an art, it is in fact the oldest science in the history of humanity.

The astrological signs

These are the 12 constellations, which form the patterns in the sky. Each has its on myths and stories that can be traceback to ancient civilisations. The astrological signs, also called sun signs, are located on the outer circle which forms the rim of the birth chart, and are placed in an anti-clockwise order.

The 12 sun signs are Aries the ram, Taurus the bull, Gemini the twins, Cancer the crab, Leo the lion, Virgo the virgin, Libra the scales, Scorpio the scorpion, Sagittarius the archer, Capricorn the goat, Aquarius the water bearer and Pisces the fish. The sun sign reveals the core of the ‘inner you’ and the qualities of your intrinsic personality. It provides insights about how you express your natural personality and highlights the most constructive way to follow your path of personal growth.


The astrological signs are each considered to ave a specific gender. This underpins the mode of activity for each.

Masculine signs are considered to be more active and outward, to be highly motivated and to take initiative. The masculine astrological signs are Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

Feminine signs are considered to be more introverted, passive and more attuned to their feeling nature. The feminine astrological signs are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces.

Astrology is an incredibly vast and sprawling system for exploration. One which connects us to our truest and most vital potential and reflection. From a gentle curiosity throughout childhood to a more pressing call to explore this topic, i’ve found that simply dipping the toe in is the best way to start. Like the ocean this body of knowledge and understanding is as deep and spanning as the ocean but just knowing its safe to linger at the shores edge to begin with and go slowly feels like the perfect place to start.

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